Happy Valley Honey Royal Jelly & Manuka Soap 40g
Happy Valley Honey

Happy Valley Honey Royal Jelly & Manuka Soap 40g

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We combine our Fresh NZ Royal Jelly with Manuka honey to make a luxurious soap that is gentle on sensitive skin yet moisturizing and pampering. Treat yourself and your guests.

A delightful combination of NZ Fresh Royal Jelly and Active Manuka make this soap a luxury and you won't want to use any other again.

The ingredients combine to give your skin a fantastic cleanse, rejuvenation and a silky soft feel. This soap is ideal for those that suffer from sensitive skin.

We have numerous testimonials from eczema and dermatitis sufferers who enjoy the relief that this soap gives them. You will love the scent of honeysuckle and you will love the fact that this soap holds its form; it doesn't go soft and gooey in your bathroom.

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